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Creating a double price on product page.


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I'm trying to put a double price on my product page. One for the "regular" customer and one for the "club" customer.

club customers have special discount.

I want to show "regular" customer that they should subscribe to be a "club" customer for them to get the special discount.


Ok now my first job is to write on the product page this simple thing : 

"club price starting from : [productprice with condition of being part of the group customer 2]


So I need to understand how prestashop 1.5 create this condition with javascript.


For the moment i can only write the product price with :


<script type="text/javascript" language="Javascript">// <![CDATA[
document.write("<B>club price starting from : </B>" + productPrice);
// ]]></script>
Can someone tell me how to construct the condition [productprice with condition of being part of the group customer 2] ?
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Is the price discount just a fixed percentage? Then a quick (and, I admit, "and dirty") way is just to show the productPrice - (productPrice*discount)


example 10% discount

100 - (100*.1) = 90


May work for you. If not let us know. Maybe someone knows where the "group X" product price is decided??


My 2 cents,


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yes I have managed it that way.

Because after screening the code, the group is not mentionned in the javascript.

Actually it is quite normal that, as a regular customer (but with javascript skills!), you may not get the club price just by looking into the code.

Well I guess I'll do it your way.

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