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Set different shipping prices according to payment method

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Im using PS and i need to set different shipping prices depending on the payment method chosen by the customer.

i use two payment methods (bank wire and cash on delivery).

i need to have:

bank wire - shipping: € 5

Cash on delivery - shipping: € 7,50


I´m trying to do this because of the fees applied by the carrier to cash on delivery paying method...


Is there any way to achieve this?

thanks in advance for any help!

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Hello, first of all, I'd like to apologize for my bad English. 


Doesn't anyone have any idea about how to accomplish this kind of setting? I mean, I'm actually trying to set different payment prices according to the payment method. Either way, I was looking for a solution around the Web, and I found this unreplied post.


Can anyone help this out?







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That is also my, well... sort of problem. I find it curious that shipping and payment methods are not more related, probably because the latter are made in module architecture. Anyway, my way around it is by defining double carriers eg. UPS (wire transfer) and UPS (cash on delivery). That would of course do no good without free module called "ship2pay" that allows you to exclude methods of payment for specific carriers. So, as you probably already know, all you need you to do is to disable cash payment for UPS (wire), and wire transfer for UPS (cod). 


One note tho, it's all theory that wasn't tested in practice, because that shop is not yet available to general public. 


You might also check out "Payments2Carriers".



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Hello, guys.


I've found a thread at Stack Overflow, about the same doubt we're all having in here.

According to the thread (link: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19789097/prestashop-set-different-prices-according-to-payment-method), Prestashop doesn't support such feature, there may be some modules, but otherwise, the only way of achieving such customization would be by programming all the way long.


I believe there are, indeed, some modules that can do such thing. Still, I actually thought that the logic inside such question was actually an easy thing.


Well, I'm also posting this so that we won't keep on hitting our heads at the wall, looking for an answer, just like I was a little while ago. The best way is to adapt your store to the situation. After all, Prestashop is, indeed, a great opensource solution.


Best regards.

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Well, it seems that this problem is still alive, maybe some day it'll be native functionality. I'm new to presta and i was supprised there was no simple way to solve it. I hope that someone will stumble upon this post and describe some robust solution.


Anyway, i did it the way i described above. With one exeption tho, above i made a mistake, saying that module excludes payment methods. It actually allows you to connect methods with specific carrier. 

I'm testing it right now and it seems working perfectly. Apart from redundant payment methods, witch are only visible through BO, not for clients in front, there seems no downside to this solution. And the plus side is 0$ cost and no hacking involved. 


If someone did or will do it in similar fashion, i'd sure appreciate taking time and reporting it here.


And cheers to ship2pay dev, for making life easier :]


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Hi everybody   :)


Same problem here. Shipping costs should be different according to payment method. It is logical, that if user pays first and then receives the goods, shipping cost should be lower than on cash delivery.


Did anyone find a way to solve this? Is there any hack to fix this?


I'm using PS


Thank you and best regards,


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