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[FREE MODULE] Automatic ads on Google Adwords


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This module allows you to put easily on the first page of Google ads for your products or your site. To be on the top of the list on Google, the ads are paying and you have to define a monthly budget.


How's it going?

1) Install this module.
2) Set up budgets by product. Predefined ads have already been created, but you can change them.
3) Configure the module and indicate your goals and billing parameters.

Our agency (Net/2) receives your information and our system creates your ads on Google Adwords (service which manages the paying ads on Google). We manage your ads, their bids and create the appropriate keywords. We also optimize your ads for you to obtain a maximum of clicks. You have access to the Adwords account and can check this work.


What cost?

To advertise, you set yourself what you pay. You must pay Google for the budget you have set (expect about 0.1 to 0.6 € per clicks depending on the competition) and Net/2 managing of your account (10% of the Adwords budget). Indeed, on Adwords it is not possible to dispense with human management as it is required to have expertise in the management of bids and quite technical management of the platform. All budgets are accepted.


After spent on Adwords 25€, 75€ are offered.


You can monitor your return on investment through trackers (sales or visits) offered by Adwords.

If you have questions or special requests, you can contact directly Net/2. We will guide you on the best strategies for ads and budgets.







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More informations



This module allows you to advertise on Google through the Google Adwords service. The ads you produce with this module are paying. It is you who define how much you are ready to invest.

Once your ads are running, they will be displayed on the first page of Google when the keywords which are associated to it will be typed. The ads do not appear always, Google rotates ads with those of your competitors according to a system of its own.

It is not possible to completely automate the creation of ads on Google.  Indeed, the choice of keywords, the strategy for the budget and objectives and the bids must be managed by a human being as well as of other numerous aspects. This module automates the maximum it is reasonable to automate.  All other aspects are managed by specialists in Net/2, provider in Internet advertising.

This process has several advantages. Firstly, it is the basis of a profitable business model that allows Net/2 to have one of the lowest prices for management of Adwords campaigns. It also allows all the even smaller budgets to advertise on the web while a professional and worked communications strategy. The ads are automatically updated when the information of your products change. Finally, the ad management for e- storekeeper is simple while management systems of on-line announcements are often very complex and have many surprises for beginners.


Ad management

To manage your ads go on the tab Ads on Google > Manage ads. If this is the first time you access this part, you only need to fill the budget of categories and your ads will appear. You notice that your categories and your products were resumed. Every product corresponds to an ad. You can, in addition to the ads associated with products, create other ads by clicking Add a special ad (you can not use tags for inclusion on these ads).

Ads are grouped into categories. The categories of your catalog are resumed but you can create others by clicking the button Add a special category in the upper right. You define a common budget to ads in the category. This budget is distributed automatically between your ads by Adwords to reach at best your goals. If you want to give a specific budget for an ad, create a category for this ad only. To stop a campaign, simply put your budget to zero.

You can use tags to include texts. Their functioning is detailed at the bottom of the page. For example if you enter #NAME# in the title of the ad, the text will be replaced by the name of the product. In this way when the price or the name of a product changes, the ad will be changed automatically without your intervention. However you must be careful not to exceed the maximum number of characters set by Adwords. o avoid this, this module includes a protective mechanism that limits the number of characters without cutting in the middle of the word (which is frowned upon by Google). You can make a break in the word with the character « | » (Alt Gr + key  with 6). For example, if your product name is « iPod shuffle 32Go », the tag #NAME|15# will be replaced by « iPod shuffle ».

You can see how your ads will appear in Ads on Google > Preview ads.  If your ad exceeds the maximum number of characters due to a tag, an alert indicates it on this page.

Your ads are not updated in real time. It may take a few hours between the modification in Prestashop and the update in Google Adwords. If your ad is not updated within 24 hours, contact Net/2. It is sometimes possible that Google refuses an ad if it does not comply with the terms of Google (landing page does not exist, prohibited terms as not authorized brand names or insults, phishing, etc.)

An operator of Net/2 backs regularly on your ads to manage and optimize their distribution to get you a maximum number of clicks and a better targeting to increase your conversion rate.


Costs and conversions

You have complete control over your advertising expenses because it is you who set your budget in your interface. The economic model of Net/2 allows you to get one of the lowest management costs of campaigns. The partial automation of your ads allows our operators to focus on the optimization of ads. Furthermore, no minimum budget is required. Your total cost is as follows:

Total cost per day = daily budget + 10% of the daily budget

The first part of this amount is consumed by Google Adwords and provides funding for ads and pays the bids made on clicks. This is the amount that you specified in the interface module. The second part is consumed by  Net/2 which manages and optimizes your ads to maximize their effectiveness.

Both expenditures are separated (the Sapin law). They will be billed separately. You can get the first bills in the Billing section of your AdWords account. Invoices of Net/2 will be communicated directly.

After spent on Adwords 25€, 75€ are offered.

If you want to know your return on investment you can implement trackers conversion on your landing pages. These trackers are provided by Adwords in the category Tools and Analysis > Conversions. This module allows you to put automatically on your pages Cart and Order Confirmation in the module configuration. Caution, conversions contain numerous biases (clients who are spotting before buying, customers who use ad blockers which block trackers, clients qui cliquent sur l’annonce sur leur mobile et décident d’acheter sur PC,  etc). customers who click on the ad on their mobile and decide to buy on PC, etc.). You should consider them just as a indicator.


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