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eBay module overselling..


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ps, ebay 1.5.1.


Encountered this one again today on our live setup - anybody else had similar ?



For a particular product, I have 2 in stock on prestashop, thus 2 listed on ebay,


07:21 Order placed on ebay for qty 2.

07:22 paid for.


07:37 items are relisted, qty available 2

07:37 order created in prestashop for 2 of this item.


(stock now 2 on ebay, zero on prestashop)


08:58 another order placed on ebay for qty 2.

09:13 paid for


09:44 order created in prestashop for these


stock now zero on ebay, -2 in prestashop. ...!


Since the relist time is within a second of the order creation time, I suspect that the adding the order triggered the resync process before the stock was properly deducted, so it posted the stock back onto ebay!  I need to investigate further...


Thankfully I can get hold of more of these, on next-day delivery to me, so I can still ship out within the timescales I've given eBay.


It's the second time I've had this module do this to me.  It costs me an extra listing fee each time it does it, plus there is the inconvenience of placing a special order for something, or the chance of not being able to get hold of it and letting a customer down.  On the plus side, at least it's another sale ..


Another on the pile of things to fix in my much-modified version (release soon, I hope!)



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