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A hook for stock value change

Gabriel Crowe

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Hi everyone. I'm looking for a hook that I can use in a module that triggers when somebody adds more stock to their store.


Hopefully i can get the SKU/reference of the item too. This is the value I need.


I'm writing an API to connect to a new service i'm writing that lets presta people send email notifications to people who requested to be notified about new stock on items.


The service is nearly complete, and i'm going around and writing plugins for the stores i'm familiar with first. The plugin so far looks great on a default store:




Now the only missing part of my module, is automatically triggering notifications when the user of the store puts their stock into the backend.


Can anybody help?

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Hi Gabriel,

in Stockavailable.php, I found this:


$product_quantity += $quantity;
'id_product' => $id_product,
'id_product_attribute' => $id_product_attribute,
'quantity' => $quantity
May be something...
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