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can't delete multistore

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Hi there, 


I've been having similar problem. I created test shop using Prestashop's multistore. After tests I found out that I made a mistake and I need to repeat a configuration starting from scratch. Because of my domain was already used I needed to remove test store, but I could not do that because of the same message "You can't delete this shop (customer and/or order dependency)."


What I did was:

1) delete all TEST customers from TEST shop ( Prestashop backedn -> Customers -> select check box and delete)

2) delete TEST orders (here I used some simple query)


DELETE ps_orders, ps_order_detail FROM ps_shop, ps_orders, ps_order_detail
WHERE ps_shop.`id_shop`= X
AND ps_orders.`id_shop` = ps_shop.`id_shop`
AND ps_order_detail.`id_order` = ps_orders.`id_order`
Where X is a ID of your shop. You need to preview it in your database. Table ps_shop
After running this query you'll remove all orders and order details which belongs to the shop with id=x 
In my post I mentioned TEST, because I worked on test environment. Be carefull when you work on productive envioronment. This solution is definetely not complete, however it allows you to move forward if you struggeling in early phase of your multistore development. Good luck!
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