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Custom top menu links and CSS customisation


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I just installed prestashop on my local machine and am trying to figure out how to use prestashop.

Is it posible to add a custom menu item with an external href attribute value?

Secondly, can i manipulate the look and feel of an installed theme via the CSS sheet?


If yes, kindly point out the directions (my CSS skills can handle it if i know where to edit)



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Hi terunga,

You can add a custom menu item in the module->module and then find the top horizontal menu.

click configure and scroll down, here you see a block where you can add a name for your menu item and a link it should go when clicked. Finally you can tell it if it should op en in a new window or not.



Most of the css changes can be done in themes/<your theme folder>/css/global.css

Some are module dependent, so look in modules/<modulename>/<modulename.css> to change these.


Maybe have a quick look how to override files, to not dirctly change the base files of Prestashop, which may give problems when upgrading, here:



and maybe this helps too:



Hope this helps,


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Hi Paul,

I am using version and i have installed the default theme.

I wish to wrap the top menu and footer blocks in another container div such that i can add a background and make it full width of the screen.


So I am trying to figure out which files i need to edit to achieve this.



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