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[SOLVED]Displaying a table on the Order Confirmation Page


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I can confirm that force comp is ON and cache is OFF.


Thanks again Jiten.


Once I add that to the order-confirmation.tpl can I assign values to myconent.tpl using smarty assign within hookdisplayOrderConfirmation?


Also after about 10 seconds I would like to redirect the user to another page could this also be done within hookdisplayOrderConfirmation?


Thanks for your replies :-)

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I have created the mycontent.tpl and have put it in themes/my_theme/.


Then I added {include file="$tpl_dir./mycontent.tpl"} to mycontent.tpl.


Then in mycontent.tpl I put "<h1>hello world</h2>" and thats it, but it does not work.


Yet if I edit order-steps.tpl and put "<h1>hello world</h2>" I can see the changes.


I'm baffled

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