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Getting Product Main Picture URL


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I've tried to figure this out (found a few kinda sorta threads that didn't quite get me there) for a while now.


What I need to do is, using php, get the URL of the main picture for a given product. I'm using


Does anyone have the snippet that would get that?


This is for a custom script that I use to create product feeds for different marketplace sites.





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Wicked. Thanks for that.


Now, I'm a bit confused.


How do I use that on the fly in a loop (the loop part I have - no issues there). Basically, I want to get the URL for each product as I loop through them. I can simply add it to my CSV file after the SELECT has grabbed everything else and written the CSV file. So, I'm looking to look each main image URL up by SKU (or ID or whatever).


Does that make sense?

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