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White page between visiting pages.


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I have a completed a prestashop site, and now I noticed one strange thing that I cannot easily find its cause...

When using any link in my site, like products, cms-page, any hyperlink that leads in an other page than the currently viewed, a white page is displayed for a second or so and then the selected page appears. I tried to find the cause of this behaviour but I couldn't since it is probably relevant to some php code, displaying empty html content before loading the new one....

I know this is not a serious problem, but it kind of makes the transition between pages not so smooth... I checked with the demo prestashop installation and this does not happen there...


Has anyone got any idea that will help to resolve this matter so that a new page starts to load directly without firstly displaying the white blank page??

Or maybe where to look to find it??

Thank you for your time.

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in addition to what Pascal said, in my opinion, you should run store under "error reporting" mode.

maybe instead white blank page you will see error code, check this: 


open config/defines.inc.php
find this line
define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false);
change to look like this:
define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true);
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Yes I am sorry, I negleted basic information...

the site is www.disconto.gr

It does happen in all browsers...

Prestashop version is


and the same thing is happenning with ps dev mode on,


I think it has something to do with the way the template is designed

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well, im browsing your website and i can't reproduce issue, it's weird that it doesn't work for you.

have you got an access to php error log? maybe there you will find some additional informations about issue

i've noticed that your store is a bit slow, maybe this is the problem?

(can you try to run store with force compile off and cache ON ?)

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