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Gzipping my own translations file


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Hello, your Turkish language pack file (the "tr" file extracted from tr.gzip) is not UTF-8, ISO-8859-9 or Windows-1254 compliant (or probably corrupted by your compression method). Tried it first as is, without attempting to decompress it myself, of course. The characters looked all jumbled up in the translated version. Tried viewing with UTF-8, ISO-8859-9 and Windows-1254 (browser settings), but no luck there. Then I wanted to decompress your lang pack file (tr.gzip), modify (search and replace the bad characters with good ones) and then recompress to be able to import the lang pack from within Presta admin area. Could not, because Presta couldnt read the new gzip file i formed. I used both gzip.exe from gzip.org AND 7zip to no avail.

Any ideas?

Here's how it looks with your Turkish language pack installed:


The "SipariÅŸiniz veya ürünlerimiz hakkında sorularınız için." in the middle should read "Siparişiniz veya ürünlerimiz hakkında sorularınız için." for instance.

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Nevermind, I found what I was missing before under themes\prestashop\lang. I dont need to compress anything now. You should still take a look at the bad character problem though. I will be finding and replacing bad chars in the tr.php file here (along with the files under translations\tr) and be done with it.

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