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Programmatic creation of customization fields


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I'm new to Prestashop and have been getting to grips with the core classes. I've been trying to write a script that programatically creates customization fields. I've been calling the static method:


Product::duplicateCustomizationFields($old_id, $new_id);


to copy the customization fields from an existing product. When looking at the database and when calling the $myProduct->getCustomizationFields() , everything looks correct but the changes don't show up in the front end or back end of the site. I've tried setting the $myProduct->customizable and $myProduct->text_fields values manually and this doesn't seem to help. I've looked at the database EER diagram in MySQL Workbench and I've had a good look online and in the source code and I can't see what I'm missing. Can anyone help me please?

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