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370 sql queries for landing page, normal or not?


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I have enabled the profiling for my shop and I can see that to show my landing page Prestashop is using 370 SQL queries.


I have turned off statistics since with that on it was much more.


I am unhooking modules on a test site just to see what is needing so many queries and so far I have only found that my new product slider seemed to use around 30 queries. The other ones less so even after unhooking a lot I am still at around 330 queries.


Can anyone tell me if this seems normal? Is there anywhere else I should look except for in the modules/positions in the backoffice?


Grateful for any hints on how to reduce the number of sql questions.

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in my opinion yes, it's too high, as far as i remember clean installation has got about 230-240 queries


i asked about non-default theme because i've noticed several times that many theme developers in tpl files use 

{foreach} array with static funtions inside loop, like {category::getproducts}... this is a nightmare ;)

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Hi Guys


Thanks for the quick answers.


Correct, I am using a custom theme. I spent half the night turning off modules to see when the number of queries went down. 


The biggest bandit seemed to be 2 different New Product modules that both used around 40->50 questions. The others did not affect much, just a few queries per module. I think one of the new products modules was the default from Prestashop.


Removing more than I wanted I managed to get to around 270 so still a bit more than the default installation. However if the default install is around 240 then it is not so strange that I have more when using a theme, that was what I was looking for. If the default install needed 100 then it would be more of a problem. The main reason for asking was that I could not see any way to reduce the questions much more since unhooking a lot only saved me around 100 queries.


I am testing this since we have quite long rendering time (shared hosting) and I wanted to see if there is anything simple that can be done to at least improve a bit.


The test site with profiling activated and all modules enabled is actually available here:



I am not asking anyone to spend time on it but if there is something that looks completely insane in the stats overview it would of course help a lot with any feedback. (Please ignore that the product images are not working. I am testing to use a Media Server and for some reason everything works except product images but that is another problem which I still do not understand).


Thanks for all the help

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