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Product link with default combination in URL


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Hi community :).


I'm trying to automatically add to every products link the indication of the default combination.


Every product that has some attribute and so some combination can be customized in its product page. When this happens, to its default url, is appended something like "#group_name-attribute_name..."

But the default combination (i.e. the one that is automatically selected when the product page gets rendered for the first time) isn't elicited in the url!


If I try to add the "#..." part however I get a redirection loop :(.


I really don't know where the redirection is triggered... :'(




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Ok guys I've found that by disabling the Canonical redirection the problem gets fixed but I don't think that this can be solved this way...


BTW I think that the lack of the default combination parameters in the url is particularly important and must be fixed in some way...

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