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[SOLVED] Choice of 5 Delivery Addresses - Customer Restriction.


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Hello I would like to give the customer the choice of using 1 of 5 set delivery addresses and disable the functionality of allowing them to enter in their own delivery address.


Billing address will stay the same so it is just delivery addresses I would like to restrict


I am not sure how the best way to do this and seeing as I got such a good response from my previous posts I came here first to ask for the communities help and advice.


Thanks for your help.

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Just so everyone knows I achieved this by:


Step 1:

Editing the "Delivery address" text to say "Billing Address" where ever it appeared on the order process.


Step 2:

Taking away (either commenting out or doing a display:none css style) all of the options to add a different address.


Step 3:

Prestashop tends to display "Billing address" and "Delivery address" together in order summary and order confirmation emails so I removed one of these in all cases to give the appearance of there being just 1 address on system.


Step 4:

I added 5 separate carrier options and displayed these as the "Collection addresses"


This workaround works well for my needs, please ask if you need assistance doing the same thing.

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