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I have a question about $Cookie Class.


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I am trying to read code of psshop.


In config/config.inc.php file, there are following codes.

/* Create employee if in BO, customer else */
if (defined('_PS_ADMIN_DIR_'))
$employee = new Employee($cookie->id_employee);
$context->employee = $employee;

/* Auth on shops are recached after employee assignation */
if ($employee->id_profile != _PS_ADMIN_PROFILE_)

$cookie->id_lang = (int)$employee->id_lang;

$cookie is an instance of Cookie.

I think the this part ($cookie->id_employee) tells that the Cookie Class or its parental classes should have a field named id_employee. 


But I didn't find this field named id_employee. Do I miss any thing there? Really appreciated if you could give any possible answer.

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