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Add a product pack with automatic price

Johan N

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My customer is a jewelry shop and they make som of their products on demand.


For example they want to add a "Gold ring with a diamond" to make this product there are three components in that product, 1, Gold 2, Diamond, 3,Working time.


So those three components I will add as singe products.

Then I create a pack containing of this three products.

Now I dont want to set a price on this pack I wont the pack price be depending on the included components prices. So if the goldprice is going up the and the price on gold is changed the price on pack is automaticlly changed to. Is this possible to solve or is there any module that solves this problem?

On the product page I only want to show the main packproduct "Gold ring with a diamond" not the included components, is that possible?



And theres one final thing to solve, my customer wants that the price on gold will be automaticlly updated from a service that get uptodate prices from a marketservice. I believe the easiest way to that is to build an external service that can update the price only for the groundproduct in the database that represent 1gr gold or 1gr silver. If this rows are updated every product pack containing those will be udated too.


Is it possible or??


Regards Johan

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