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eBay and multistore ..Test please!


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Please see Message #3 for latest status.





I know this has been asked for several times before, and as far as I can tell (no response from 202, and eBay say no plans) the prospect of an official update to deal with multistore is slim to non-existent.


So, I've embarked on it myself.  So far, I'm about 80% of the way through getting the module working (It's currently listing things OK, just missing some information, such as the images ... oops.)


In order to make this useful to other people, it would be helpful to know what of the following features would be most of use to you all (I haven't needed them myself at present, so haven't yet implemented them!)


- cope with shared (group) stock

- separate ebay stores (& ebay accounts) for each ps shop

- (and therefore) list shared products in multiple ebay stores

- cope with different language / currency / localisation / ebay sites per shop


Other features which are not specifically multistore related I do plan to add:


- include ean13/upc and/or other relevant product information (I am SO surprised that this was not added along with the category specific stuff.)

- specify ebay store category


I also have plans to significantly improve the price-adjustment options ...


Is there anything else people would like to see?


At the moment it's still in a state of flux, but as soon as it's looking close to be releasable, would anybody want to be a beta-tester ?  (Preferably testing on the eBay Sandbox, not the live site!)


I don't usually charge for such things, especially as it's based on an existing module, but given the time I've put in already, and the additional time I can see it still taking, I think I do need to do so this time.  It won't be much, though, at least for the basic module.  (I might charge for the pricing stuff, as I'm hoping it would be a significant feature in it's own right!)  Would people accept a charge for multi-store capability, and what sort of sum would you be happy with?

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Is nobody interested in this after all?


First 'alpha' version is available here.


This is basically the stock ebay 1.5.1 module, with some bug fixes, and made multi-store aware.

- all categories are processed from all shops

- all products across all shops can be updated

- orders will be created based on the shop the product(s) belongs to

- no database changes (currently) from existing module. new tables.

- template now supports SHOP_LOGO and SHOP_NAME which are (obviously) set to whichever shop the individual  product came from.

- images now sourced from correct shop URL

- EAN13/UPC is submitted in ProductDetails

- You may now select the store category too on the category tab.


Current known bugs / limitations

- category selection doesn't seem to be working; I just restored db tables ps_ebay_category* from the backup

- sometimes tries to upload items with zero stock; ebay rejects obviously.

- products belong to their default shop only.

- probably won't work right with shared stock

- single ebay account / ebay store for all items.

- a single order with multiple items from different shops may not deduct stock correctly

- single template and other settings for all shops.

- try and edit all settings in "All shops" mode to avoid future issues.


Please note - this version is set to communicate with eBay's sandbox, not the production site.   Either sign up with their developer programme if you are not already, or use one of the test accounts.

Also note - you will have to uninstall *and delete* the existing eBay modue due to clashes.

For these reasons, and the fact I it probably still has bugs, I do NOT recommend that it is used on a live store for the time being, particularly if you are already using the stock eBay module with it.  


At this point I'm not going to give installation instructions as it's not yet ready for general use - if you need to ask, you probably won't be able to test it out anyway!

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