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Adding Products in Prestashop 1.5.5 via Web-Services


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Hello, this is my first topic here.

i know it's a question that has been already asked a lot of times but even with the search function and reading some guides i can't resolve the problem.

I'm tring to add a product via web-service using some samples founded here in the forum but i still get an error: 


The code is this one: 


$webService = new PrestaShopWebservice(PS_SHOP_PATH, PS_WS_AUTH_KEY, DEBUG);
$opt = array('resource' => 'products');
$xml = $webService->get(array('url' => PS_SHOP_PATH.'/api/products?schema=synopsis'));
$resources = $xml->children()->children();
$resources->price = '1000';
$resources->active = '1';
$resources->quantity = '50';
$resources->link_rewrite = 'blabla';
$resources->name = 'blabla';
$description='<b>ceci est un nouveau test en gras</b>';
$node= dom_import_simplexml($resources->description->language[0][0]);
$no = $node->ownerDocument;
$resources->description_short = 'blabla';
$resources->associations = '';
$opt = array('resource' => 'products');
$opt['postXml'] = $xml->asXML();
$xml = $webService->add($opt);
thanks in advance
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