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Problem initContent() in my first module


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Hi,it's my first post in this forum , i hope i will solve my problem.


So i'm trying to make my first module ,i added a front controller , but i'm not able to load my template correctly.


With  parent::initContent() i got 500 error , whitout it , i got only some parts of my website like this :



HAHAHA is my display.tpl .


This is my code :

class charmoduledisplayModuleFrontController extends ModuleFrontController
	public function initContent()
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You put the display.tpl within the correct folder?

Place inside the front folder as follows


YOURMODULE / views / templates / front / display.tpl


Otherwise the controller will not pull the tpl and will return this error

Had this problem recently and managed to solve so, you may have already solved too, but if it happens to someone with need this information


An simple axample:



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