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Validate purchase like Google or Apple


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I want to validate the purchase of the customer like for Google and Apple (https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/NetworkingInternet/Conceptual/StoreKitGuide/VerifyingStoreReceipts/VerifyingStoreReceipts.html).


Is it possible to have receipt datas with Prestashop ?


The aim is to purchase on a database (prestashop database) and validate it before insert in another database (application database).



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If I quickly read it well,

They do something like this.


A client buys a product (Apple store). The application developer gets a message that client X bought this and that. Before entering the client/app info into it's database, it can check with apple if the client really bought this stuff, by sending a verification code (receipt-data in this case) to Apple. Apple checks the code and matches it with its own sales-database. When it can find it, it tells the developer that this client indeed bought the app. and the developer can put the client info in it's database.



Is you 'application' database from someone else, or also maintained by you? Then you can probably just couple the databases, in your protected environment, no verification seems necessary.


Otherwise: the sales-database can just send some message to the other database holder with a 'token' (any sort of long and difficult number), The receiving database can send the code back to the sales-database and let the sales database confirm that it indeed sent this code itself.


Just some first idea...


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Thanks for your answer.


I maintained the 2 databases.

I thought, in fact, create a web service that sends the information to the application database.
I would still much prefer a "receipt-data" if possible.



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