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How to get values of shipping prices to JS array


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Hello dear community,


I have set up 3 carriers for my store and 3 zones.

There are 70 weight ranges (1,2,3,4,5...70)

And there is a certain price value specified for each weight range for each zone. 


Now am working on an addon, based on JavaScript.


And I need to get these price values for each weight range for eachzone.

I will create arrays, like:

var zone1carr1 = [price111,price112,price113, etc];
var zone1carr2 = [price121,price122,price123, etc];

So, my question is, how to get these price values to JS?


PS ver

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In Carrier.php there's the following function:

	 * Get delivery prices for a given shipping method (price/weight)
	 * @param string $rangeTable Table name (price or weight)
	 * @return array Delivery prices
	public static function getDeliveryPriceByRanges($range_table, $id_carrier)
		$sql = 'SELECT d.`id_'.bqSQL($range_table).'`, d.id_carrier, d.id_zone, d.price
				FROM '._DB_PREFIX_.'delivery d
				LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.bqSQL($range_table).'` r ON r.`id_'.bqSQL($range_table).'` = d.`id_'.bqSQL($range_table).'`
				WHERE d.id_carrier = '.(int)$id_carrier.'
					AND d.`id_'.bqSQL($range_table).'` IS NOT NULL
					AND d.`id_'.bqSQL($range_table).'` != 0
				ORDER BY r.delimiter1';
		return Db::getInstance()->executeS($sql);

(code from
So then you can run this for each carrier and then you only have to go through it and take out the desired price and separate for each zone available.
N.B. the type of $range_table ('range_price' or 'range_weight') you can find by asking the $carrier: 
$range_table = $carrier->getRangeTable();

My 2 cents,


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