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[SOLVED] [HELP] I am following the dev-guide, but can't go on.


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I was trying these code from PS dev-guide.



try {
   // creating webservice access
   $webService = new PrestaShopWebservice('http://example.com/', 'UCCLLQ9N2ARSHWCXLT74KUKSSK34BFKX', false);
   // call to retrieve all clients
   $xml = $webService->get(array('resource' => 'customers'));
catch (PrestaShopWebserviceException $ex) {
   // Shows a message related to the error
   echo 'Other error: <br />' . $ex->getMessage();

And I got this error.

"Other error: 

This library is not compatible with this version of PrestaShop. Please upgrade/downgrade this library"


I know the library I was using is v 1.5.4. But my PSshop is v1.5.5.

And I can't find a higher version than 1.5.4 online.


How could I solve the problem?



I am new to php development. I'd like to make my own theme, which may mainly depend on knowledeg of Smarty, JS, CSS. But I also want to control the content on page. So, I need to know which objects have been injected into this page/module and how I could inject other new obejects into this page/module. And I dont know how to do that or what kind of knowledge I should learn. Is there a document or guide I could follow? How to debug a php web app? Just like debuging java web app with Eclipse, so I could see every step of the process.


Thank you so much.


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You can try to just edit the Library (PSWebServiceLibrary.php) and updated the max version to 1.5.5 and see if things work properly.

const psCompatibleVersionsMax = '';
const psCompatibleVersionsMax = '1.55';


Thanks a lot~ It works now.

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