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attach dynamic pdf to the order confirmation email


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in my prestashop I want to attach to the order confirmation email a custom pdf, with some customer data.
In other words, I would like to generate a pdf for each order, save it in a folder and attach it to your order confirmation email.

Where do I start?

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Start by looking at the classes in PrestaShop's classes/pdf folder how PDF generation is handled.


To add another attachment to your order confirmation e-mail, you will have to tinker either with the PaymentModule classes' validateOrder method, or the Mail::Send method. I recommend the latter due to reasons found here. The details you'd want to add to the pdf are most probably accessible through the current Context.


The approach of inclusion would be similar, only that instead of adding a variable, you would have to add another attachment. For that, something along these lines should work:

//Generate your PDF save it to an array of the form
//$your_new_attachment = array('content' => $pdf_data, 'name' => 'filename.pdf', 'mime' => 'application/pdf');
  $file_attachment[] = $your_new_attachment;
}else if(!empty($file_attachment)){
  $file_attachment = array($file_attachment, $your_new_attachment);
  $file_attachment = $your_new_attachment;

(The middle case would be the executing case, providing PDF invoices are enabled; the other ones are added to consider every possibility)

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