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[Solved] Fatal Error - Can't generate invoice PDF from BO

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I used to be able to generate invoices, delivery slips, etc. but recently I get a blank screen.


I turned on errors:

Fatal error: Undefined class constant 'TEMPLATE_INVOICE' in /home/content/l/a/k/lakemi222/html/auntdebbie/prestashop/controllers/admin/AdminPdfController.php on line 170


Line 170:

$this->generatePDF($order_invoice_list, PDF::TEMPLATE_INVOICE);


I've seen some posts about a png logo file will cause the invocie to crash. I did force my header to take a PNG for the FO logo by editing the header.tpl file - but in the BO, I uploaded a jpg for the invioices and images are set to "use JPG"    I changed the header.tpl back to original state and that did not fix the issue.


Was wondering is someone knew what this error meant, or even better, how to fix.


UPDATE: not sure if this should be in a new thread but when I test Stripe payments, the payment gets accepted but I receive a blank screen with the follwing error: Fatal error: Undefined class constant 'TEMPLATE_INVOICE' in /home/content/l/a/k/lakemi222/html/auntdebbie/prestashop/classes/order/OrderHistory.php on line 419


This is all the same issue I am sure.


Solved: I had the PDF.php file in two different locations, once I deleted the offending file, it worked.

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