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I have just joined this forum with the hope someone out there can help me resolve the following pricing issues I have:


In the back office for example a products base price is set £125 excl tax and £150 incl 20% tax which correct and this shows in the shopping cart, I have noticed there is a major error: On the general product list in the back office it states £125 base price and £135 for the final price which is wrong and this final price (£135) is shown on the live product page in the front end. 


Does anyone know which files I need to fix/upload so I can fix these price display problems. My site thomasnayler.com is in maintenance mode so I will need your IP address before you can see the problems on the site.


I have attached a screen shot to demonstrate the issue.


Kind regards,

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I have a problem when i arrive to payment. 

when i add a product prestashop calculate right price but when i go to total payment it's not ok. 

Transaction's price it's ok but, why i show different prices? 

i attached images

This is ok: 


this is wrong:
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thanks, I solved it because someone has changed the setting of fees and have them switched off.



Now i have another problem. 

I have module make an offer but when i offer to product without address select i show price different for taxes different. But the system save price that i offered not real price in country.

I hope that I explained

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I explain: 

when someone make an offer and shows for example 144$ and offer 30$ for discount. FOR AMERICAN ACCOUNT.

When he choose delivery address price changed to 180€ and he offer 30$ price offered shoul be changed but it remains the same.FOR EUROPEAN ACCOUNT.


When he choose delivery address his offer should be change to maintain constant the proportion. but when he choose address article's price changes but not his offer. 


In bo save price that he shows for the first visualization on website.

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