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A module instead of "new products" module


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Dear all,


I added products to my shop, they tagged as "new" and they are shown on new products on left side of main page. But after 20 days they dissapear on left side.(It is so normal) But i need a module for new products. I need a new free module instead of that "new module". Maybe favorite products module. 


What do you advice?


Thanks ;)

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Yes, i checked default modules but i couldn't find anything suitable. Let me to show you default main screen :




We see "New Products" tab on the right column and some products below. 


I also need a module has exactly same look, like new products module but the products will be changed randomly on every refresh. If there is no module for random issue, i want to define 4 products and show at the right column.


Thank you for your kind help vekia ;)

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