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hi everyone, I need help to solve an error, Error 101 : ERR_CONNECTION_RESET.


I purchase a module called Order Images Uploader from below link.




I manually installed it, since when I automatically install it, it will show up the same error as well.


This module contains 2 controllers. myfiles and filesmanager.


?fc=module&module=orderphotos&controller=myfiles  <- is fine, work perfect.


When click any link go to controller=filesmanager


?fc=module&module=orderphotos&controller=filesmanager  <- will come up the error Error 101 : ERR_CONNECTION_RESET



I have researched a lot to solve this issue, however, I couldn't find any, please help!!!!


I noticed that this is not the browser issue. Is it coding error or something else?? 

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