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[Solved] PS Multistore setup with B2C and B2B - customer group rules not working

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Solution: Upgrade/use a shop version that runs 1.5.6.x and follow the steps below in post #7




I am working on a shop for a customer, who wants to use the Multistore feature to set up two shops.


Shop 1 is B2C displaying prices incl. of VAT

Shop 2 is B2B which should not display prices until the customer is logged in.


I have made a new customer group for the B2B customers. This is set to display prices excl. of VAT and the showing for prices for the default groups (Visitor, Guest, Customer) is disabled.


One would think that this simple setup would do the trick, but it doesn't :-(


The problem is that when changing the default groups not to display prices for the B2B group, this updates globally for the B2C site as well so this shows no prices either!


According to this thread: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/187765-set-up-multistore-for-b2b-and-b2c/ and this bug: http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFV-4273 the problem should have been solved in the latest version (which at the time was


The shop was version 1.5.3., so I have upgraded it to version The changelog for this version includes a lot of fixes regarding the Multistore feature, however it seems that this rather basic feature is still unresolved?


Has anyone managed to get a setup as the above to work correctly? If so, I must be missing something in my setup. If not I'm guessing this should be reported as a new bug.




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Hi there, same problem here.



I have two shops, A and B.

I have also 4 groups: visitor, guest, customersA (for shopA) and customersB (for shopB)

Shop A: everyone can see prices (visitor, guest and customersA and customersB)

Shop B: only customersB can see prices



Customer -> groups

I choose "ShopB" in the multistore.

When I set show prices "off" for visitors, they can't see prices in shop A and B, even if I set this parameter only for ShopB.


@Prestafan1234, did you solved you problem?

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No I haven't solved it yet. All I got back from opening a bug was a rude answer that it is not a support forum! Then I read that it should be solved in version 1.5.6. (so they must have realized at some point that it indeed was a bug). But since I have just installed two new shops running 1.5.6. and found other bugs, I am not willing to risk upgrading my customers shop to this version at the moment.

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I had the same problem.  Here's what I had to do.


I had to create new customer groups.


Original groups: guest, visitor, and customer stays the same

B2B groupsL WS_vistor, Wholesale.  WS_visitor cannot see prices but can browse store.  Wholesale is registered customer.


Then I went to Backoffice and went to customer/customer groups.  Made sure that my multistore selected was my b2b store.

At the bottom there are checkboxes for default group options. check the boxes for customer and visitor and change the drop down box to wholesale and WS_visitor respectively.  


Then I changed the multistore view to Default (shop group name) and changed permissions on Guest to deny access to my B2b store.


THEN i had to go to back to my categories and make sure my categories and subcategories were allowed on my b2b store.

Goto catalog/categories

click "edit"  category then scroll down the screen until you see group access.  make sure the your new customer groups are checked.  You have to do both the parent and the sub categories or entire parts of your catalog won't show up on the b2b site.


Hope this helps!

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