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refreshing shopping cart


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is there a way i can refresh the shopping cart once the quantity has been changed?

i would like to implement some code so when you click either the add or subtract quantity button the cart will change the quantity and then reload.


i tried reloading the page however this took too long so i figured reloading just the cart would be easier however i have been unable to do this and i can't link this with the button click.


my site is http://telephoneheadsets.net/


If i could get help quickly I'd appreciate it my site is being indexed pretty well and i want this sorted before too many people get put off by its inability to function properly



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yes, I have asked for help before without success.


I have modified the shopping cart to display prices without tax, however, when you use the buttons to change quantity the prices revert to including tax.


I would like for those changes to be permenant. so far all I have been able to do is add an update cart button which refreshes the page.


I would like for this process to be included in the pressing of the button or a fix for showing prices without tax permanently.


I would really appreciate your help!

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ok, all i have done so far is go through the shopping-cart.tpl file and swap and bits that are tax inclusive to tax exclusive.

i.e. here i have my site set to use tax. the tha cart shows products tax inclusive as default. i have changed it to be tax exclusive and changed the displayed word from tax to VAT. I moved the "_wt" from one to the other.

similar changes were made throughout the document.

	{if isset($product.is_discounted) && $product.is_discounted}
					<span style="text-decoration:line-through">{convertPrice price=$product.price_without_specific_price}</span><br />
				{if !$priceDisplay}
					{convertPrice price=$product.price}
					{convertPrice price=$product.price_wt}

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