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Product attributes depending on (product) groups


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I'm new to prestashop, familiar with php, not so perfect with .tpl editing..


Let's say, I will have these categories:







each of this category has different product attributes, for example:


Pens - color, material, weight

Papers - size, color

Inks - weight, color, type

Others - some_other_attributes


How to do it ? Do i need to edit some code or DB tables, or it is possible to make it in Prestashop 1.5.4 ?


Thank you for your help and sorry for my beginner skills.



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No need to edit any DB or coding

Before adding the products (you can also edit later)

add attributes in the backoffice=>catalog=>attributs and values=>Add New Attribute 

after adding an attribute you can add values by clicking on "Add New values"  a new page will appear, in that page choose the attribute and assign the values.


when adding new products or editing old one there is a tab names ad combinations, click on that. On the next page click on "Product Combination generator".

There you'll get all attributes and there values just add them and click on generate these combinations.

Your work is done.

Yes you can manually add them. Tell me if you can't do the above steps. 

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