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Same product, different attributes, different prices?


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I'm having a real problem. I have a product,

Let's call it product X.

It is sold in different sizes.

15 ml, 30 ml and 50 ml. To be sold at $8.00, $13.50 and $18.00

When I go to combinations and use the generator, it configures all combinations fine but what goes into the impact on product price? If I put $8.00 in the field for the 15 ml tax excluded it copies over to the after tax field, and it does this on all sizes.

Also, when I go from Products ----->prices it only permits you to input 1 price for the given product.


If I leave the $8.00 in the impact on product price in the combinations  generator, it doubles the price in the cart. When I leave the price out in the impact on product price in the combinations generator and put a 30 ml in the cart it is only billed $8.00 instead of 13.50.


I have spent days trying to figure this out. If anyone could walk me through how to input different prices for a single product with different attributes I would be forever grateful.

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As you have noted, you can only set a single price for your product via the Prices tab - let's assume you choose the price for the 15 ml size, i.e. $8.00. This is the price displayed in featured product lists, products listed in the category page, etc.


When you edit the combination for the 30 ml size, the impact you need to provide is the impact on that single product price. The 30 ml price is $13.50, the 'standard' price is $8.00, so the impact is entered as an increase of $5.50.


In the same way, for the 50 ml combination, the impact needs to be an increase of $10.00 to arrive at the desired price of $18.00.


Hope that clarifies, Dave

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