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VAT issue: displaying ex-vat prices then applying vat at checkout

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My website is business to business for european customers. This issue applies to all such web sites.


The convention is to always display ex-vat pricing and then apply the tax as an extra line item at the checkout. I can not achive this and it seems to be a commonly raised question.


When the VAT tax is enabled, prices are shown inc VAT, and at the checkout the VAT inc prices are listed and a summary line also (correctly) displays the correct amount of VAT being charged and already included in the prices, so, I belive my shop is correctly configured.


The problem is that my prices all look 20% higher because they include 20% tax, but nowhere on the page does it say this. A visitor will assume that tax is yet to be added and a site visitor will be comparing my pricing to another store that is displaying ex-vat pricing.


Other systems (not prestashop) even go as far as to provide the customer with radio buttons to dispay either "vat inc" or "vat ex" pricing.


This is making my prices so high customers will not start the purchasing process.


Since business customers can reclaim the VAT it is never included in a commercial buyers budget etc as all business always expect to be quoted an ex-vat price, knowing that vat will be added later.


Any advice on how to set this up or any modules available to fix this ?


Once I have this working I'll need to look at the intra-eu tax calculation / vat number capture module, but I need to fix VAT to display ex-vat pricing first.

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yep, I'm now all sorted.


OpenCart does this as per the vat rules & reg's.  It displays both inc & ex vat pricing.  It looks like it will produce legally compliant invoices as well and overall seems to be a bit more european centric than PrestaShop.


I think Opencart overall has a more consistent interface - all the bits you need are all in the same place, that sort of thing etc.  Early days still - I've currently only got the base load done but very happy and intend to buy the OC version of the theme I wanted.  Bit of a pain that I need to repurchase the themes / modules that I bought for PrestaShop, but that is a small cost compared to the cost of setting up and getting it wrong.

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I have exactly the same problem and would hate to have to dump everything I've just spent days working on ...! Doesn't PrestaShop have ANY solution?

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I have this problem, has a solution been created yet? it can be a real pain for any business to business shop, 

thanks all in advance

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