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[SOLVED]who can explain me this code founded on pretsashop module ?


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hello everybody


when i was surfing the module special of prestashop I found the next code :


<input type="radio" name="always_display" id="display_on" value="1" '.(Tools::getValue('always_display', Configuration::get('PS_BLOCK_SPECIALS_DISPLAY')) ? 'checked="checked" ' : '').'/>


it is clear that the code is a code for a radio button but the portion that i did not understood is related to the tast one after the attribute value :


(Tools::getValue('always_display', Configuration::get('PS_BLOCK_SPECIALS_DISPLAY')) ? 'checked="checked" ' : '')


what does it mean this portion ?

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this is shorthand if condition.


Tools::getValue('always_display') - this code return information about value of always_display field, if it is checked - returns 1 if not, returns null


Configuration::get('PS_BLOCK_SPECIALS_DISPLAY') - value stored in configuration table, returns database setting value (1 or null)



'checked="checked" ' : ''


if tools::getValue('always_display') == Configuration('PS_BLOCK_SPECIALS_DISPLAY') then script will write 'checked="checked"'


if not will write nothing - ''

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