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[CLOSED] Modify Layered Navigation To Work In Opposite Way


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I need to modify the layered navigation for categories to work like the other fiters do (weight, price, etc) to cut down the list of available products.


My site will be filtering on categories structured in the following way:



- No of doors

-- 2 doors (3)

-- 3 doors (5)

-- 4 doors (12)

-- 5 doors (15)


- Sports Cars

-- Porche (4)

-- Bugatti (1)

-- Ferrari (5)

-- Lotus (2)


- Family Cars

-- Mondeo (10)

-- Astra (5)

-- Focus (7)

-- Golf (6)



For example, if I clicked on the sub-category "4 doors", the filter would refresh to show the number of cars in all sub-categories with 4 doors. This would cut the number of sports cars shown to only 1 for example, as it would if I was selecting the "Weight" filter which reduces the number of categories available for selection.


What actually happens is that I can still choose all the sports cars which will not cut down my list, but will increase the number od products shown.


Question: Do I need to modify layered navigation in some way to cut down the list or do I need to restructure my categories?


Thanks for reading and hopefully pointing me in the right direction.

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