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Allow users to upload images

Mike Ratcliffe

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First let me say that Prestashop is absolutely awesome! I was going to code my store from scratch but, wow, you guys have really done a fantastic job.


There are two things that I would like to be able to do:

  1. I email an artist giving them some kind of site login that allows them to upload their art along with titles and descriptions (it could also be that they can register as an artist). The art itself is not for sale but will be used on my t-shirts.
  2. I use this art to create new t-shirts.
  3. Users then add the t-shirt to their cart. As part of the process of adding the product they need to be able to customize it by adding text and generally tweaking the art (brightness, hue etc.).

I like nothing more than hacking away at this kind of thing but I don't want to reinvent the wheel here... do these modules or anything similar already exist or do you have any pointers?


Also, how do I handle a custom theme? I mean, do I just copy a current theme to a new folder and select it? If this is what you guys do then do you regularly have theme issues when upgrading?

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Hi Mike,

About 1: You could make a (free) product, which you 'customize' (on the customization tab of the product).

- Then choose File Fields: 1,

- press Save & Stay

- Add label (like Artwork to Upload) or so.


Don't forget to go to Preferences->Images, there you have a field where you can set the max size of product pictures customers can upload (in bytes). make sure it's big enough. (Also, your host may have set limits in php.ini)


2) Up to you, maybe make sure the Artist 'agrees' doing so when uploading the file.


3) Adding text, you can do the same as 1) :

- Customize the Tshirt-product (Go to customization tab of the product) and

- add text fields (as many as needed)

- press save and stay

- add label(s) to text fields



tweaking the picture is more difficult and is probably for you to add


Check it out, and see if it works for you,


My 2 cents,


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