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Multiplication of Attributes


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Hey everyone,


I'm looking into developing a module or making some issues (if possible) that will allow me to easily allow for calculation based on the multiplication of two attributes.


In classes there is the the line from Product.php..


$price += $attribute_price;


I also use attribute wizard by tomerg3.


Is it possible to utilize something like this?


$price += $('#aw_group_7') * $('#aw_group_8') * 0.04;


I am basically trying to achieve a square inch calculation then have it multiplied by the price per square inch. Is this a viable way to go about this? I'm currently learning about modules and more PHP and overriding controllers, etc, so even if this is not viable some general push in the right direction would be much appreciated. :)


Thanks so much! Always appreciate the help in this forum.



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