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sending a second email when an order is made to another email address


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Afternoon everyone - first post :) . Just found prestashops new stock control to be a real benefit over another cart i was using- anyway.................


I'm trying to adapt the email notifications.


When an order is created in the back office (manually by the admin) an email confirmation is sent to the default store email, what i would like to do is also send a slightly edited version of that email to another set email address (the store room) that will hold just basic item and delivery address information.


any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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is it REALLY necessary to change the Email? If not really a must, easiest is to just automatically forward the Email from the first receiving Email address to the store room, using a 'rule'.


If not, let us know, then we check the source code where to edit...


My "simplicity above all" 2 cents,


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Hi PascalVG


We'd like the full email (with costs/invoice) to go to the shop contact - and an edited version of the email that just holds the products & product quantity information to go to a store man when an order is made.


just not sure which files i should edit, thanks,

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Hi ather,

I expect you should edit the file: classes/Mail.php



here you find the function Send()


almost at the end, it really sends the email using this piece of code:


/* Send mail */

$send = $swift->send($message, $to, new Swift_Address($from, $from_name));


return $send;


just above this piece of code, the $message is assembled.

So you can add something like this:


if ($template ='order_conf')


assemble new message...

$storemansend= swift->send($modifiedmessage, $storemanEmail, new Swift_Address($from, $from_name))



(maybe put this storeman email just BEFORE the original send, so that the "return $send;" stays the same)



N.B. he Send function is called from classes/PaymentModule.php:

function validateOrder()

almost at the end you see this piece of code:

  if (Validate::isEmail($this->context->customer->email))
    Mail::l('Order confirmation', (int)$order->id_lang),
    $this->context->customer->firstname.' '.$this->context->customer->lastname,
    null, _PS_MAIL_DIR_, false, (int)$order->id_shop



My 2 cents,


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