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Anyone using PS as Real Estate site?


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Thnx Vekia

That site didnt use detailed search function but detailed search property function can be added I guess. What I plan to do is:

I want to build a estates pool for house buyers, so estate agents of a city can upload their portfolio into my site using my admin site ( give them a special right to upload photos of houses and descriptions), then all appear in my site. So visitors can browse and search houses and whatever they are interested they click to add their cart and can click a special button to warn me to be contacted, so the system warns that estate agent too whom has that house, but he cant contact the client client cant contact the agent. I charge estate agent so when he pays me I give the email and phone number of each other. So I get a small fee even client buys the house or not.

So when you think as ordinary PS site: I guess house buyer will be a typical shopper, estate agent will be the supplier.

I think can be done, but I couldnt think of how can system warn supplier that client has interest on his property, and how to charge the supplier using what module or system?

Basically house buyer (client) will not be charged at all, but house supplier estate agent will be charged if client wants his telephone number or if agent wants client's number lets say 20 USD each time.

Any ideas Vekia?


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