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Module Backward compatibility - Translation issue 1.5.x


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I'm coding a module and testing it on all 1.5.x versions.

Trying to get full backward compatibility for prestashop 1.5.x


I'm having an issue with the translation code in the .tpl file.

{if !isset($we_deliver_h3) || !$we_deliver_h3}
{capture name='h3_tempvar'}{l s='We Deliver Around The World' mod='blockwedeliver'}{/capture}
{assign var='we_deliver_h3' value=$smarty.capture.h3_tempvar}
{l s='%1$s' sprintf=$we_deliver_h3 mod='blockwedeliver'}


In PS version the last line of code produce the following in the translation admin page:

%1$s' sprintf=$we_deliver_h3 mod='blockwedeliver


Most importantly the sprintf seems to fail on the front end displaying a hugly:

%1$s in place of the text.


I'm not sure why sprintf fails and how to make this work properly on all versions of PS 1.5.x


Note: The module works as expected in PS and

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