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Language block - images instead of flags

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I have custom template where the language block displays three images which are "active" and "inactive" instead of flags as in original theme. But the link to each language doesn't redirect to the page you currently are on, but the main page. Here is my code:

<ul id="first-languages">
 <li {if $lang_iso eq 'pl'} class="selected_language" {/if} >{if $lang_iso ne 'pl'}<a href="{$base_dir}?&id_lang=6" title="Polski (Polish)">{/if}<img src="{$base_dir}img/l/6.jpg" alt="pl" />{if $lang_iso ne 'pl'}</a>{/if}</li>
 <li {if $lang_iso eq 'en'} class="selected_language" {/if} >{if $lang_iso ne 'en'}<a href="{$base_dir}?&id_lang=1" title="English (English)">{/if}<img src="{$base_dir}img/l/1.jpg" alt="en" />{if $lang_iso ne 'en'}</a>{/if}</li>
 <li {if $lang_iso eq 'de'} class="selected_language" {/if} >{if $lang_iso ne 'de'}<a href="{$base_dir}?&id_lang=4" title="Deutsch (German)">{/if}<img src="{$base_dir}img/l/4.jpg" alt="de" />{if $lang_iso ne 'de'}</a>{/if}</li>

Can I make it redirecting to the active page?

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