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Invisible zone which freeze my links


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On my PrestaShop website, there is like an invisible zone which freeze my links.


I explain: some of my links are no-clickable (while they are built correctly). And i've seen that a word can be clickable on some letters, and un-clickable on others... My code is correct. So I deduce that an invisible div freeze the links which are below. But I don't find it.


Someone has a solution?


Thanks (and sorry for my bad english).


PS: you can see the bug at this address (at the bottom left, the link "paiement sécurisé" is clickable only on the last letters of the word "sécurisé"): http://dans-mon-monde.com/PrestaShop/



CODE OF MY LINKS (in footer.tpl):

<span class="footDMM">Sculptures lumineuses "...dans mon monde" - 84, grand rue - 54 000 Nancy - France - 06 07 17 72 89 - <a href="mailto:[email protected]" target="_blank">[email protected]</a> <br />
		  <a href="http://dans-mon-monde.com/PrestaShop/cms.php?id_cms=1">Livraison</a> -
		  <a href="http://dans-mon-monde.com/PrestaShop/cms.php?id_cms=5">Paiement sécurisé</a> -
		  <a href="http://dans-mon-monde.com/PrestaShop/cms.php?id_cms=3">Conditions de vente</a> -
		  <a href="http://dans-mon-monde.com/PrestaShop/cms.php?id_cms=2">Mentions légales</a></span>

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Hi Barbarisk. Problem is in this piece of css code: (themes/prestashop/css/global.css (line 1640)



.sousousmenuDMM {

color: #ff3188;

font-size: 9px;

padding-left: 60px; <-- add -left to pad only on the left side. otherwise it creates an 'edge' around the other sides as well.



Hope this helps,


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