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Allowed shops using prestashop web services


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Hi buddies,



I've recently created a prestashop website working with the multi-shop service implemented since version 1.5.

I created some shops and one employee by shop with limited access.


I'm currently developping an admin plateform using the prestashop web service (no database).

The authentification uses the employee table by webservice and works fine.


But, once logged, i can't access to the list of allowed shops for this specific employee.

I found the link table in the database but nothing in the list of available entities by webservice.


the only datas given by the webservice are these:

<id_lang xlink:href="*********">1</id_lang>[/indent]
<last_passwd_gen>2013-08-19 05:47:36</last_passwd_gen>[/indent]


My final goal is to find orders of the day for all shops allowed for the authentified employee.


If anybody has a solution to display available shops, it should be very fine :).


Thank's in advance,

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Hi! Same problem here at versions 1.6

I've tried to create the employee using specific shop's url for calling web service, but the api key is not valid for the new created shop :-(

I don't understand how should this be done. Any help?

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