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I'm want to write custom php script for importing categories and executed queries:


"INSERT INTO `ps_category`(`id_category`, `id_parent`, `id_shop_default`, `level_depth`, `nleft`, `nright`, `active`, `date_add`, `date_upd`, `position`, `is_root_category`)

VALUES ('NULL','" . $parent . "','1','" . $top . "','0','1','1',Now(),Now(),'" . $pos . "', '" . $top . "')";


"INSERT INTO `ps_category_group`(`id_category`, `id_group`) VALUES ('" . $id . "','1')";


"INSERT INTO `ps_category_lang`(`id_category`, `id_shop`, `id_lang`, `name`, `description`, `link_rewrite`, `meta_title`, `meta_keywords`, `meta_description`) VALUES ('" . $id . "','1','". $id_lang ."','" .$name . "','','" . $link . "','','','')";


"INSERT INTO `ps_category_shop`(`id_category`, `id_shop`, `position`) VALUES ('" . $id . "','1','". $top ."')"


Everything looks good in Mysql but there is no categories on home page, even in administration page i can not load categories page. In product page categories looks OK and i can choose category for products ....


Thank's for help

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