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debug the admin


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is it possibly to debug the admin?


I want to dump out the smarty variables and see what the page is called?


this assumes the admin uses smarty.


I can get the debug and console to come up for the front page but not the admin.



Any help would be appreciated

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The page in question is in the admin. when you go to customers and then edit the customer. i believe is is called customer view.


so the page i am looking at in the admin is:




with i have tried in the tpl

  • {$debug} {debug} {$smarty_debug} and these dont cause the console to pop up.
  • {$smarty_debug} causes an error
  • print_r($this->context->smarty) does nothing
  • adding &SMARTY_DEBUG to the end of the url does nothing

However if i put {debug} in




and have either of the following turned on in performance

  • Open console with URL parameter (SMARTY_DEBUG)
  • Always open console

the console pops up. It just seems you cant use the console method for sub .tpl files. Which is basically what i need to do. I want to read the variable that shows how much the customer has purchased in the past. I will also then use this method for looking at other things later.


no quite there yet

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it looks like i will have to write a plugin for smarty because i probably need to execute php code and the recommended way is throught a plugin. i could also use the smartyBC.class to reallow {php} and {include_php} tags.


If i get it working i will post back here.

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i have cracked it. it all depends where you put the {debug} declaration for admin templates and if you are debugging a module in the front, the key is to put the 'Debug Console' setting to 'open console with URL parameter.


I will write this up properely as it will help people a lot. i could of done with it. lol

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