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Generating price of product on the fly before cart


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Hello Friends,


My motive is to create a module that allow user to enter height and width of product and then automatically price calculated per sq metre and then allow user to add to cart.

For example user 1 select 5 m width and 6 m length and price per sq metre=10 then product price is 5*6*10=300 and then user add to cart. In parrallel on other system user 2 select width 5 and lenth 2 then he see price 5*2*10=100 and he also allow to add to cart.

Please help mein how to manage this on fly price

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If I see your question, the thing you want is 2 customization fields to enter the width and length (so the merchant can see the wanted size), and from here just multiply this to get a 'quantity' for your product:


The price you add to your product is 10. The length and width are entered in the (required) fields. Then when add, calculate the width x length (say 6 x 5) and add this to the quantity field. You then get (6 x 5=) 30 x "1 unit of 10" = 300.


So in short, calculate (w x l) and add to quantity field.


Does this make sense?


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Hello Pascal,


First of all thanks for your reply but you interpret the question wrongly.

I will explain it more elaborately to remove all ambiguities. My question actually is:

My store have carpets products with different length and width that will be entered by user.When user enter length and width then we calculate the size in metre sq. For example length=5m and width=10m then its size is 5*10=50 sq metre. This is not quantity but size of single product that user wants and admin assign 10$ per metre sq then cal. cost of single product with that size =50*10=500$.

This is single product and user can specify the quantity of product of this size. If user specify 2 qty then 2 products of width 5m and height=10m add to cart and cost =500*2=1000$

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