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[SOLVED]I Agree Terms Not Working


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i am unable to see the payment option in the check out page.

i am using a one page checkout process. the payment option is perfect in 5 step process but not in one page process. the payment option should be visible when we check the "terms and condition" box. kindly help me.


my website is www.thelaptopcare.in

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Hi Ruchit,

I just made a (fake) order in your 1 step checkout (guest checkout). First I couldn't see any payment options. They popped up however after clicking the tiny little blue 'save' button at the end of the address fields (if I remember well)


I missed the whole button first, and came to the end for payment and was indeed nothing to select. 'By luck' I scrolled back up and saw the blue button.

Maybe we should make the button bigger, and maybe add some text like" Save personal info before proceeding" or so. Let me know if you need help with that.


Hope this helps,


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I am having serious issue than this. In both type of check out's the option for payment is not coming, and checkbox for agreeing terms and conditions is also not coming. please help.



website url is www.sp-kart.com


here's the screenshot's for the both.





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