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License for my software


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I have a module maked for me and I want to sell it now to differents bussiness.


How can I register my software for make a copyright? I don't want a free GNU license, I want a private software license when the buyers can't change the code.



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you don't have to register your software to get copyright. If you're owner of the software - all rights are reserved for you. You can sell licenses for personal / buisness use etc.


im talkin about law in european union, make sure that in your country is the same law related to the copyrights

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How does it work if you, for example, modify a standard Prestashop module? For the module to register etc. We need to use the standard function calls like create and delete, and we need to use hooks to add the module to the page. Can you just remove the GNU licence when changing a module? How do you know if the file is 'enough' changed to make it 'your own' creation?


Like when I change the blockwishlist and add some picture to it, can I sell it as my own, or is the change too small? When can you add "© by me"?


Just curious how this works,


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Prestashop is licensed under Open Source License 3.0. You can resell and redistribute the licensed code and its derivatives, but you can not limit the license. i.e. anyone buying the derivative work from you would have the same rights you have.

It does not matter how much you change the code, if you modify a Prestashop module, it is considered a derivative.


However, if you create a module from scratch, you can license it as you like. Legally you don't have to state it explicitly, any work you have done is your intellectual property and unless otherwise explicitly stated no one is legally allowed to redistribute it. But it is best to explicitly state what rights a licensed copy of your module provide.

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That's not entirely accurate. It would depend on usage of other third party libraries in your module. Then there's a question on what "derivate work" is, and what is defined as "linking". Licensing issues aren't easy...


Here's a nice read BTW: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10047037/how-does-gpl-define-linking


It's GPL specific, but it does explain some issues/terminology encountered when licensing code.

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