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Create custom template page for a specific category and one for all its subcategories


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Hi guys,


One of my clients want to it shop a specific presentation from one of its categories.

And for this category, he would like a specific presentation for all its subcategories.


I would like to know if it is possible to create a specific template for a category ?

And if it is possible to create a template for all subcategory of a specific category ?


Example :


This link => http://espace-vin.com/domaine.html represent the category page. It list all subcategories.

And this link => http://espace-vin.co...rie-bellet.html represent one of its subcategories. We have the subcategory title, description and a list of all product in this subcategory.


Can you help me please ?


I have find this => http://www.prestasho...cific-category/ but I don't know how to operate it.




P.S. Sorry for my English.

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