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I need the same theme files as the current PS demo site


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Hi PS team

is there a link to download the default theme files of current PS demo site?



I downloaded your latest version but I got much simpler and very badly structured top menu and cms. But on your current demo the menu structure and CMSs are just like what I want. So please would be nice if you put the theme files into PS download package, or you can give a link so I can download.


Why to have the useless iPods,accessories theme without even a link called "categories", while we can have a theme already has categories link and better cms and menu system.


If you check the demo site and compare to last month's demo site you ll know what I mean.


Thanx very much in advance.

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The theme is in is exactly the same they just added items to the Top menu and to the categories and products.

The useless Ipods are not part of the theme but Categories and products for you to work with before adding your own.


Your site can be the same you just need to make it that way.

As everyone has a different use for these modules the only way to deliver them is stripped down.



Look here, this is a site I did same exact theme just modified to my liking.


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Thnx tdr170

Its not the same, on the downloaded version it doesnt have a link called categories, it says Home and when user clicks on home it goes to index page, but on downloaded version it says categories and when user clicks on it it goes to categories page. And to do that its difficult and need many modifications on tpl and DB. So instead of that why we cant just download the demo. Which you already have up and running.


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Please believe me it is the same they removed the Home button from the top menu, go to Modules, Front office features, Top horizontal menu click on confugure and you can add or remove links as well as create your own.

You do not have to edit any TPL files or modify any DB tables.

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